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Product Details

Product Name Free! Makoto Tachibana


Release Date October 2014
Price 7,800 JPY + tax JAN Code 4582225004835
Specifications 1/8 scale, fully painted
Materials: PVC, ABS
Height 230mm
Sculptor Kunihito Iwamoto Painter Takamasa Watanabe
Product Description

Now with the second season confirmed, and everyone waiting on the edge of their seat to see what happens next, it's "Makoto Tachibana" from anime series, "Free!"
He's Tachibana's childhood friend, and an all-around dependable guy. He's been sculpted wearing long-style swimwear that runs from his hips to his ankles, posed with his arms crossed, and his face wamed with a kind-hearted smile.
With his dynamic orca-like swimming style, his broad muscular shoulders are a sight to behold.
His goggles are included as an accessory. They easily fit around his neck so you can enjoy a different look.

※Item showed is a production model. Acutal product may vary.
※Product design may change without notice.


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